For all you MILYON events, communication materials (academic program flyers, kakémono, etc.) and goodies (pens, bags, etc.) are available.

For any question on the use of the MILYON logo or for communication inquiries, please contact Séverine VOISIN at

Brochure 2015

What is the MILYON LabEx? Download

The logotype


  • Purple: CMJN : 60/90/0/0
  • Purple RVB : 143/35/179
  • Green: CMJN : 48/0/94/0
  • Green: 146/212/0


Other logos :

Logo Investissements d’avenir (PNG): Download

Logo Investissements d’avenir (EPS): Download


Roll up 1: Download (PDF – 237 Mo)

Roll up 2: Download (PDF – 139 Mo)