Key figures

  • 350 researchers in 17 research teams

Among them:

  • 1 Fields medalist
  • 3 members of the French Academy of Sciences
  • 4 ongoing European Research Council individual (ERC) grants
  • 7 invited speakers at the International Congress of Mathematicians between 2014 and 2018
  • 9 members of the Institut Universitaire de France, which distinguishes each year a small number of university professors for the excellence of their research

Funding goes to:

Répartition du budget du Labex MILYON

4 locations:

  • Campus LyonTech-La Doua (Villeurbanne)
  • Campus Gerland (Lyon 7ème)
  • Campus of Ecully
  • Campus of Saint-Etienne


  • Since the start of the LabEx, MILYON has funded 45 invited researchers and postdocs as well as 58 students. 42% of the visitors came from emerging countries.
  • Top-level researchers have been invited for periods of time as long as 9 months.
  • 4 Honoris causa doctorates
  • 218 publications between since the beginning
  • 14 thematic quarters, 3 large international conferences, more than 50 other international events

2 new course programs were created:

  • 2nd-year Master’s degree (M2) in “Mathematics in Action”
  • 3rd year Licence (last year of Bachelor degree) course in advanced mathematics


  • 10 000 hours with schoolchildren (elementary and secondary levels)
  • About 5000 schoolchildren from 150 elementary and secondary classes attend MathαLyon workshops every year.
  • 10 associations are partners of the House of Mathematics and Computer Science.