Missions and activities

From the start, MILYON had one aim: to federate Lyon’s pure and applied mathematics and theoretical computer science communities, in order to achieve greater visibility worldwide. Today, MILYON provides a very attractive and comprehensive program of scientific events, workshops, scholarships, invitations to researchers and postdoc contracts.

Advance Scientific Research


  • Enhance international research activities and scientific productivity in Lyon
  • Create synergies between mathematicians and computer scientists as well as promote interdisciplinarity (biology, medicine…)
  • Boost researchers’ international mobility and increase collaborations with universities all over the world.

To meet these aims, MILYON funds and supports multiple activities.

Actions and achievements:

  • Research programs (month, trimester, semester) that bring together experts on a subject at the heart of scientific concerns
  • Symposiums, conferences, workshops
  • Invitations of researchers and postdocs
  • Hiring of postdocs

MILYON also strives to encourage young researchers by giving them the opportunity to organize scientific events in their area of expertise.

Innovate in higher education and attract talent

The student mobility program has already enabled young people from 15 countries to come to Lyon.


  • Support young researchers and provide them with a solid basis of knowledge
  • Propose new curricula with high societal impact, relevant to the needs of industry, and with high international visibility
  • Develop partnerships with international universities

Actions and achievements:

  • Scholarships for students at Bachelor’s 3rd year and Master’s degree levels
  • Hiring of PhD students on research subject related to strategic areas of interest of one of the three research units of the LabEx MILYON
  • Organization of Summer and Winter Schools for PhD students
  • Joint development of curricula focused on industrial applications: a “Mathematics in Action” Master’s degree, with programs in “Mathematics for the environment and industrial risks”, “Mathematics applied to biology and medicine” and “Mathematics for Materials Sciences”, as well as a program of Advanced Mathematics for 3rd year Bachelors degree (Licence 3).
  • Synergies between mathematics and computer science (dual degree, combined programs).

These initiatives contribute greatly to the scientific production of MILYON and the skills enhancement of the next generation of scientists.

Our PhD schools contribute to the professional careers of young scientists, by enabling them to participate in international networks and by teaching them research fundamentals.

Make mathematics and computer science accessible to all


  • Promote greater interest for science and scientific careers.
  • Help students and the general public understand the role of mathematics and computer science in the world around them.
  • Present the exhibition MathαLyon in middle and high schools in and around Lyon and stimulate the students’ curiosity for real-life mathematics.
  • Inspire students with strong potential and support their choice to pursue studies in mathematics and computer science.
  • Support and federate all those involved in scientific outreach programs in the Saint-Étienne and Lyon region.
  • Be the driving force behind activities that promote the role of mathematics and computer science in the public and political arena.

Actions and achievements:

  • Creation of the House of Mathematics and Computer Science (MMI)
    • Activities for schoolchildren, from elementary to high school, through workshops that are both educational and fun
    • Bringing scientists into the classroom (MathαLyon,…)
    • Exhibitions
    • Conferences and seminars for the general public
  • Participation in national outreach events (Science Festival, Mathematics week, Mathematical Rally,…)
  • Organization of three international summer schools, for talented young people who have so far come from more than 40 countries: Modern Mathematics and International Summer School of Mathematics for Young Students (ISSMYS), Mathinfoly 2016
  • Organization of the congress MATH.en.JEANS in 2014, 2016 and 2018.