3 Areas of Engagement: Research-Education-Outreach


Research: at the cutting edge of international research

MILYON organizes unique events and activities in 5 subject areas:

  • Complexity and algorithmics in mathematics and computer science,
  • The rapidly growing multidisciplinary field of scientific computing
  • The challenges of the modeling of information technology
  • Mathematics in biology.
  • Mathematics in medicine.

These research topics are among the most exciting in their fields today and the most promising in terms of applications.

Education: To provide top-level higher education

MILYON offers innovative course programs that focus on industry and encourage student mobility. For instance, MILYON promotes exchange programs with emerging and other countries such as India, South American countries, … Partnerships with foreign universities have already been established (for instance Chili…).

By encouraging students’ mobility and by boosting student’s employability, MILYON represents an opportunity for businesses wishing to recruit.

In a world characterized by a global economy and technological competitiveness, MILYON promotes Lyon’s academic excellence and assets to industry.

Knowledge dissemination: a link between researchers and society

One of MILYON’s distinctive assets is its public engagement. MILYON is a forerunner in the dissemination of mathematical and computer science culture among the general public. MILYON helps responding to major societal issues by modernizing these disciplines and thereby making science education and careers more meaningful and attractive for young people.

One of the best examples is undoubtedly the establishment of the House of Mathematics and Computer Science (Maison des mathématiques et de l’informatique, MMI). This unique concept in France isnot only dedicated to the dissemination of scientific knowledge, but also acts as a dynamic local force.

The House of Mathematics and Computer Science attracts more young people towards careers in mathematics.