Postdocs 2017

Édouard BONNET

He obtained a PhD in Computer Science from Paris-Dauphine University in 2014.
He was then a postdoctoral researcher for two years in Budapest (at the Hungarian Academy of sciences), and for one year in London (at Middlesex University).
His central research interests are algorithms and complexity. More precisely, he works on the parameterized complexity of graph problems and geometric problems.
He will join the LIP laboratory at ENS de Lyon under the guidance of Professor Stéphan Thomassé.

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He obtained a PhD degree in Information Engineering at Sapienza University of Rome, Italy. He is doing research mainly in the field of spectral theory of graphs and simplicial complexes. Particularly he is interested in the analysis of localization properties and uncertainty relations over discrete domains, while additionally looking for applications in the fields of data analysis and physics. He will join DANTE research team in the Laboratoire d’Informatique du Parallélisme at the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Paulo Gonçalves.


Paul-Henry LEEMANN

He obtained a PhD degree in Mathematics at the University of Geneva. His research fields are geometric group theory and graph theory. More specifically, he is interested in limits and coverings of graphs coming from group actions or from dynamical systems, groups acting on rooted trees and (extensively) amenable actions. He will join the Géométrie, groupes et dynamique research team at UMPA under the supervision of Mikaël de la Salle.

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He is a third-year PhD student at the Paris-Est University, Créteil, under the supervision of Raphaël Danchin and Frédéric Charve. His thesis deals with theoretical and numerical aspects of the so-called Boussinesq abcd systems and with optimal regularity results for the incompressible inhomogeneous Navier-Stokes system. He will join the Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing team of the Camille Jordan Institute.

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He obtained his Ph.D. in Mathematics at Università degli Studi di Milano under the supervision of Prof. Bert van Geemen in 2013. His research field is Algebraic Geometry, and in particular the geometry of varieties with trivial canonical bundle, mainly Calabi-Yau varieties with elliptic fibrations on one hand and Hyperkähler varieties and their automorphisms on the other hand. He will join the Algebra, Geometry, Logic team of the Institut Camille Jordan at the University Lyon 1, under the supervision of Prof. Lie Fu.

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Tristan BOZEC

He obtained a PhD degree in Mathematics at the University Paris Sud. His research field is Geometric Representation Theory. More specifically, he is interested in the interactions between quantum groups or Hall algebras and the geometry of quiver varieties or moduli spaces of Higgs bundles over curves. He will join the Algèbre, Géométrie, Logique research team at the Institut Camille Jordan, with mentor Stéphane Gaussent.