Graphs, Groups and Dynamics

Thematic Semester

September 2017 – February 2018, Lyon

The thematic semester, Graphs, Groups and Dynamics, aims at understanding simple systems of algebraic, combinatorial and dynamical nature which arise in mathematics, physics and computer science, through techniques which exploit the rich interactions between spectral analysis, ergodic theory, topological dynamics and combinatorics. Our objective is to facilitate broader and deeper collaborations between researchers in these fields and to provide a forum and meeting place for exchange of ideas and techniques.

The semester will be declined into five intensive weeklong workshops each focusing on one or more related areas. Some of the workshops are preceded by a school in which a preparatory series of advanced-level courses are offered by a select number of
distinguished lecturers.

Program :

Aperiodicity and hierarchical structures in tilings

> 18-29 september 2017

Ultrafilters, Ramsey Theory and Dynamics

> 20-24 november 2017

Entropies and soficity

> 8-19 january 2018

Graph Limits

> 22 january -2 february 2018

Words and Complexity

> 19-23 february 2018