Excited random walks

Tal Orenshtein

Ancien Post-doctorant – ENS Lyon / UMPA

→ du 14/10/2014 au 13/10/2016

Abstract: An excited random walk is a discrete time stochastic process on a graph so that the transition probability is given not only by the location, but also by the number of past visits to that location. In particular the walk fails to have a common assumption in probability, the Markov property, and so new tools have to be developed in order to understand it.
When the underlying graph is the one-dimensional lattice, the process has a more amenable representation. This leads to a series of results, some will be presented in the poster. Co-authors: Gideon Amir, Noam Berger, Gady Kozma, and Igor Shinkar.

Keywords : Self interacting random process, excited random walk, cookie walk, excited mob, transience, recurrence, zero-one laws


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