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Connecting scientists and citizens to exchange, decode, understand, wonder at and take action in the world..

Labex Milyon puts Scientific Outreach at the heart of its missions.

This extremely ambitious component stand on teams composed for the most part of teachers-researchers with a significant experience in the field of scientific outreach. This component is a solid answer to a massive social issue : make the wider audience love mathematics and computer sciences.

This component includes :
  1. The creation of the House of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, a place of exhibitions and discoveries dedicated to scientific culture via recreational activities aimed at the general public.
  2. The organisation of International Summer Schools
  3. Support or management of local and national events (Mathematics Rally of Lyon School Council, National Science Day, Mathematics’ Week)

Actions aimed at a great diversity of publics - vector of core values

  • Novices of all ages > discovery
  • Teachers and instructors > learning innovation
  • Most dedicated students > excellence
  • Rural and deprived areas > equality and social expansion
  • Girls > parity

Goals and implications

  • Sensitize the students and general public to the part of mathematics and computer sciences in society (including their application but also the arts) by sparking their curiosity and taste for sciences
  • Channeling high-potential students and guiding them in their choice of pursuing math-infos studies to stimulate interest and create vocations
  • Support and federate different actors of scientific outreach in Lyon Saint Etienne area.
  • Being a driving force of actions for the promotion of mathematics and computer sciences in the public and political space.

Permanent activities of outreach in numbers

  • 1 interactive exhibition per year
  • 5500 students visited by the MathaLyon initiative (aproximately 150 classrooms) and more than 100 classes welcomed per year (2080 students and more than 30 000 hours provided)
  • More than 10 000 participants to activities
  • 1 call for projects per year
  • More than 20 recreational learning workshops for schools
  • 25 conferences per year
  • 1 weekly seminar
  • 1 summer school of research initiation for highschoolers every two years
  • 3 clubs including 1 of mathematics distinguished during maths olympiads