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About Research

MILYON with its several joint research units contributes to making Lyon achieve world-class excellence in research.

The Research Program:

Major thematic scientific events in Lyon

To accomplish its objectives, MILYON organizes, jointly or alone, many events and thematic semesters.  

Some thematic events last one month, 3 months or a whole semester. These events bring together not only leading experts, but also hundreds of researchers at all stages of their careers. MILYON provides them with an ideal work environment. In a stimulating environment, all resources are productively used to develop new knowledge at the leading edge of current research.
Particular attention is paid to knowledge that is transferable and likely to be valorized.

Invitations of top-level international researchers

Along with an ambitious research program, MILYON organizes additional activities, such as invitations of top-level international researchers for short or long periods. 

Since 2016, a high-level invitation program has been set up jointly with the Collegium de Lyon.

Funding of postdocs

MILYON recruits postdoctoral fellows every year in connection with its research topics 

The high number of MILYON-marked publications reflects the strength of the research programs.