Graphs, Groups and Dynamics

From September 18, 2017 to February 28, 2018


The thematic semester Graphs, Groups and Dynamics aims to understand simple systems of an algebraic, combinatorial and dynamic nature in mathematics, physics and computer science, through techniques that exploit the interactions between spectral analysis, ergodic theory and combinatorics. The objective is to facilitate collaboration between researchers in these fields and to provide a meeting place for exchanging ideas and techniques.

Organization committee

Nathalie Aubrun (LIP), Johannes Kellendonk (ICJ), Michael Rao (LIP), Eric Duchêne (LIRIS), Aline Parreau (LIRIS), Luca Zamboni (ICJ), Damien Gaboriau (UMPA), Mikaël de la Salle (UMPA), Stéphan Thomassé (LIP)

The semester is divided into five themes. Each theme corresponds to a workshop or a school.

  1. Aperiodicity and hierarchical structures in tilings
  2. Ultrafilters, Ramsey Theory and Dynamics
  3. Entropies and soficity
  4. Graph Limits
  5. Words and Complexity