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Mathematics in Businesses

In 2015, the Agency for Mathematics in Interaction with Business and Society have ordered a first study to measure the socio-economic impact of mathematics in France, in partnership with the Foundation of Mathematical Science of Paris and the Jacques Hadamard Mathematics Foundation, and in association with the Labex of Mathematics

This study confirms their strong contribution to the national economy and considers they will a outstanding part to meet the industrial and societal challenges of tomorrow.

Asset of growth, the added value bring by mathematics in France represents 15% of the GDP. The French mathematical research takes second place in the world rank, after the United States. They are ubiquitous and interact strongly with all the disciplines.

Economical Aspects :

  • The added value bring by mathematics represent 285 billions of euros in France.
  • There are 2,4 millions jobs in France directly impacted by mathematics, which means 9% of the total of jobs in 2012 in all sectors
  • Direct relationships with industries in the context of contractual collaborations with mathematics laboratories remains poorly significant but the great transversality of mathematics provides solutions to more and more complex industrial issues.
  • The part of mathematics in industrial development and their contribution to key technologies is meant to be reinforced.
  • It is estimated that about 30% of jobs mobilizing mathematics result of direct application of the research results and the mathematics tools.