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Partnerships and service

Mathematics and Computer Sciences Laboratories offer several types of collaborations

One-time or long term, they all have the objective of creating strong trusting relationships with the industrial sector and the local and national socio-economic structure.
According to needs, partnerships deals are formalized between actors to give the best solutions for each partners’ objectives.

Our services

Concerning the administrative and financial modalities, Labex MILYON and Labex AMIES can provide additional helps on a case-by-case basis. MILYON offers possibilities of co-financing concerning the hiring of interns as part of the thesis offers and research projects.

Possibilities of collaboration according to your needs.

Develop your activities thanks to research projects

  • Corporate Thesis
  • Research Contracts

Train your future collaborators

  • Internships
  • Thesis

Develop your skills

  • Basic Training
  • Part Time Training
  • Continued Training

Mobilize an expert on a specific subject

  • Senior Lecturer, Lecturer, Post Doctoral Researcher
  • Doctoral - Advising : short mission of advising or expertising by a doctorant
  • Mobility Program

Exploit our resources

  • Disposable and performing calculation platform

Create Partnerships or Excellence Chairs

  • In teaching
  • In research

Participation to scientific events

MILYON takes part in the financing of the numerous conferences connecting different actors about themes of present research and generating progress of the knowledge levels