Call for applications

[RECRUITMENT] Associate Professor "Statistical machine learning, deep learning"

On The May 23, 2020

ENS Lyon - Laboratoire LIP

An Associate Professor position with a "Statistical machine learning, deep learning" profile will open at ENS Lyon in 2020

Research Profile:

The candidate should show an interest for the great challenges of modern machine learning
and bring some complementary expertise to the skills already present in the laboratory. We
expect her/him to carry out a research activity on the fundamental or methodological aspects of this field; an experience with practical aspects will also be appreciated. Moreover the LIP laboratory's strategy is to develop the machine learning research theme in close collaboration with the mathematics laboratory UMPA, as well as with the other partners of the Lyon-SaintÉtienne site.
The candidate is expected to have achieved significant research contributions to this area, with a publication record in the highest quality venues, either journals or conferences.
She/he should be able to join one of the LIP research teams. In the case of an integration to an Inria joint project team at LIP, a 'chaire Inria' will be associated to the position.

Teaching Profile:

The recruited applicant will become a member of the Computer Science teaching department
of ENS de Lyon. The courses she/he will provide will fit within the department curriculum.
The ENS de Lyon diploma is the frame of studies, and includes courses at the L3, M1 and M2
levels. International applications are welcome, as the courses can be taught in English.
The curriculum is driven by and leads to research in Computer Science. This commitment to
prepare students to academic careers has a deep influence on the organization of courses. The curriculum provides a wide and solid general background in Computer Science, and contains advanced and specialized units preparing to research, notably in the foundational aspects of the field.


The newly recruited colleague will be expected to assume both teaching and administrative
responsibilities at ENS de Lyon.


Département d’enseignement:
Directeur du département: Damien Stehlé,
Laboratoire de recherche:
Directeur du laboratoire: Patrick Baillot,

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