Symposium / Seminar


From May 30, 2022 to November 30, 2022

The PhysMathLyon will be organized following the main themes of the interface between Theorical Physics and Mathematics in the Labex Milyon. The organisation of the semester will imply four Labex laboratories : ICJ, LIP, LPENSL and UMPA. The semester will go on from May to December 2022.

Several experts of international scale will be invited for this occasion.
The semester will be based on 5 main events, each with their own organisation committee. The coordination of the all semester by a committee composed by representatives of each organisation committee, coordinated by J.M Maillet.

The precise schedule of some of these events are still discussed so that we can coordinate with other international conferences with close thematics;

Workshop DPP "Determinantal and permanental point processes, quantum physics and signal processing" (30 May - 8 june 2022)
Workshop FIQ "Foundations and quantic informations" (June-July2022)
Conference RAQIS "Recent Advances in Quantum Integrable Systems"
School and Workshop"Mathematics and Theoretical Physics for Climate Dynamics"
(September-October 2022)
Mini-school on Universality in mathematical physics: random geometries, field theories and hydrodynamics" (26-30 September 2022)