Two days in Symplectic Dynamics

From September 29, 2022 to September 30, 2022

Site de Gerland
ENS de Lyon

Program :

  • Lev Buhovsky - Groups of area-preserving homeomorphisms, spectral estimators, and Sikorav's trick

  • Jean Gutt - Symplectic convexity? (an ongoing story...)

  • Patrice Le Calvez - The Calabi invariant of an irrational pseudo rotation; a finite dimensional approach

  • Leonardo Macarini - Symmetric closed Reeb orbits on the standard contact sphere

  • Eva Miranda - Two sides of a mirror

  • Daniel Peralta Salas - Hamiltonian dynamics of Gaussian random potentials

  • Leonid Polterovich - Lorentzian geometry on contactomorphisms, or why flexibility is expensive?

  • Sobhan Seyfaddini - Comparisons between the C0 and γ metrics and applications